Monday, September 08, 2008

Pentagon air strikes on Afghani village kills nearly 100 civilians

As this tragic report from the Associated Press filed this afternoon reveals: The bodies of at least ten children and many more adults appear in grainy videos taped by bystanders with their camera phones were obtained by the AP, "lending weight to Afghan and UN allegations that a US-led raid last month killed more civilians" than the Pentagon reported to the media. The air strikes - which were conducted by US Special Forces - took place in the western Afghanistan village of Azizabad; according to an Afghani government commission and UN report, an estimated 90 civilians - including 60 children and 15 women - were killed.

According to the AP: "The videos do not provide proof that 60 children died in the operation, but the images do appear to contradict a US military investigation that found only seven civilians were killed in Azizabad, along with up to 35 militants. [. . .] It was impossible to verify conclusively that the videos showed the aftermath of the Azizabad attack, but the contents appeared to back claims by Afghan and UN officials that the US operation killed far more civilians than the military has acknowledged."
For more coverage of this attack, be sure to check out this post from the Afghanistan Conflict Monitor; a website that contains a treasure trove of resources for those covering the US's continued military operations in Afghanistan against the newly resurgent Taliban as well as the remnants of al Qaeda.

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